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Binder Check Rubric
On time
Does not meet standard
One day late: 1 point
Two or more days late:
0 points
Binder is missing
progress report and/or a
number of key
handouts or
tests/quizzes: 0 or 1
points (depending on
quantity missing)
Papers are in no
particular order or
mixed with other
subjects: 0 or 1 points
(depending on how
Meets standard
On time: 2 points
Exceeds standard
Binder contains
recent progress
report and most key
handouts and
tests/quizzes: 2
Binder contains
recent progress
report and all key
handouts: 3 points
Papers are
organized in some
basic order; all math
papers are together:
2 points
No binder (e.g., just a
folder) or binder has
papers that can fall out
or binder itself is
damaged: 0 points
Papers aren’t falling
out , but some may
be in pockets, and
binder is intact: 1
Papers are
organized by the
type of document;
tabs or dividers are
used to separate
different categories:
3 points
Binder is in good
shape, papers are all
important papers are
protected: 2 points
Total: 10 points
Your total: ________________
When I do your binder check I will circle the category I think your binder falls in for each row and
write the points in the left column (I may use a + or – which would result in _ a point). If you
disagree with my evaluation, please feel free to express your concerns; there may be something
about your learning style or way of organizing that I’ve overlooked.
Keep your filled out rubric in your binder until the end of the school year. There are two reasons for
this: 1) if your binder shows improvement in future quarters I will take that into consideration, but I
can't do that well if I don't have your earlier rubrics to look at; 2) if there is a discrepancy in your
binder grade on iPass you can show me this paper so I can address the problem.