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mensuration grade 8 (1) (1)

(Academic Year: 2021-2022)
Grade: 8
Topic: Mensuration
Worksheet: 4
1. The parallel sides of trapezium are 85mm and 63mm and its altitude is 36mm.
Find the area of the trapezium.
2. The area of a trapezium is 804cm2 and the perpendicular distance between the
two parallel sides is 24cm. If one of the two parallel sides is 38cm, find the other
3. The area of a rhombus is 240cm2 and one of its diagonals is 16 cm, find the
length of other diagonal.
4. Find the height of a cuboid whose base area is 240cm2 and volume is 3600cm3
5. A Godown measures 100m X 50m X18m. How many wooden planks can be
stored in the godown , if the volume of each wooden plank is 150 m3 ?
6. A cylindrical tank has a capacity of 6160 m3, find its depth, if the diameter of its
base is 28m. Also calculate the cost of painting inside the curved surface at the
rate of ₹5 per m2.
7. The area of a trapezium is 396m2 and the distance between the parallel sides is
12m, find the length of the parallel sides if they are in the ratio 5:6
8. Three cubes each of side 4cm are joined end to end, find the surface area of the
resulting cuboid.
9. Find the surface area of a cube whose volume is 3375m2
10.The length, breadth and height of a rectangular solid are in the ratio of 5:4:2, if
the total surface area is 1216m2. Find the length, breadth and height of the solid.