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Class Procedures
Honor and Respect
● We are a family. Every one of us is created in the Imago Dei and are uniquely
wired for God’s glory to shine through our lives!
● Listen and respect classmates and the teacher. Raise your hand to speak.
● Chromebooks must be fully charged and only used for educational activities
as directed by the teacher.
● Cell phones must be in backpack unless directed by the teacher.
● Students are expected to know and follow the CCA handbook in all
aspects-handbook infraction policy will be followed
Upon arrival in the classroom
● Before the tardy bell, Ready to attack “Smart Start”
● Tardy students will get right to work, Passes will be put into a tardy bucket.
● Students will be given three bathroom/personal breaks each semester.
These may be turned in at the end of the semester for bonus points on the
All assignments must have a proper Heading. Heading will be in the right
hand corner: Full name, Date, Block and Title of the Assignment on the Top
Handwritten assignments must be on clean paper or handwritten neatly in
blue or black ink on clean theme/lined paper.
Sloppy or torn or improperly headed work will be returned for the student
to finish properly for a late grade.
Assignments are late if not completed and turned in before class begins.
Assignments are to be done on your own and not copied from another
student or source. Collaboration on work is only allowed if specifically
requested and permission is given. To present others' work as your own is
academic dishonesty, also known as plagiarism. CCA Handbook infraction
policy will be followed
● Any additional sources used or visable will result in a cheating infraction and
a zero.Any form of communication will result in a zero
All additional devices and cell phones placed in front of the classroom during
● The Teacher may search history and any form of questionable retention of
information on the computer. Any appearance of cheating will result in a
● When you are absent,it is your responsibility to check My CCA to keep up
with the class. Only email Mrs. Larson after you have checked MYCCA and
your class document.
● Plan to attend Helps class if you need any additional help.
● If your absence is due to an illness you are given one day excused for each
day absent.
If you are absent on the day of a Test you will be required to take another version
of the same material. It is your responsibility to attend the scheduled retake
Failure to attend the scheduled retake will result in a zero.
Absent/Late work is to have “Pink slip” form filled out and submitted.
Late work will be accepted for 3 days after the due date with a 30-point
reduction, after that all late work is a zero.
Misbehavior could result in any of the following depending upon the circumstances:
1) redirection, 2) a reduction in grade 3) dismissed from the class time, 4) private
conversation with teacher, 5) parent contact, 6) contact administration if
● Pray and ask God for help, best to start with this, He made you He knows
how you work and learn.
● Put things into Binder-take 10 seconds to do it, it will save a lot of time
later. (A place for everything, and everything in its place)
Helps class
Study Smart: Maximize your learning style and use what best works for you.
Draw pictures and graphics of the items on the study guide
Create notecards/Quizlets/Kahoots
Watch clips and movies to make things come alive
Review in a study group/group chat or read out loud.
Copy class notes, white out key words and fill in the answers as a way of
● Study in chunks: one section at a time, do not cram
● Review each day even for 5 minutes, it will stick!
I am honored to be a part of the amazing tapestry God is weaving in your life. We
are going to have a Great Year!