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History Timeline II
User manual
Hello, dear colleagues!
Thanks for buying this template. Here is a step-by-step manual to use this project:
0. Download Mullero font (http://www.fontfabric.com/muller-font/) fonts for proper project using.
They are free!
1. Open “history-timeline-ii.aep” file in after effects and import your footage, drag and drop all
photos to project window:
2. Just start to fill all photo placeholders inside “placeholders” folder. Check the scene number on
timeline - open the same placeholders - put your photo:
3. In same way edit texts placeholders. Oper one of them and edit yellow layer here. Type your text:
4. Now in comp “--- RENDER ---” you’re ready to place your own timeline. Open this comp and edit
5. Proceed any composition as many as you need! Get all edited scenes and place them on timeline. Or
you can use premade scene here and edit it. You can delete/add some scenes, keep in mind this!
Need more scenes dublicates?
Add another copy of the project inside previous one and use more scenes!
6. Render the final result, composition “--- RENDER ---”. (Press Ctrl+M or CMD+M in --- RENDER --comp active).
Thats all!
Hope you like it and again - thanks for buying. If you have any questions - please, contact me via my
personal page.
Yura aka Elmake