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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment- NY Mandatory Training
1. Imagine that you are a supervisor. John, your employee, comes storming into your office
on Monday morning. Susan, his wife and also an employee with your organization,
comes home in tears on Friday because, according to John, a senior supervisor had
grabbed her buttocks when she was working late. John is furious about what happened
and also furious that his wife does not want to make a complaint. As John's supervisor,
you should:
a) Alert Susan’s manager about what John has told you.
b) Contact Susan yourself to gather more information and talk to her about making
a complaint.
c) Encourage John to talk further with Susan about making a complaint.
d) Contact Human Resources about what John has told you.
2. True or False: In some situations, it is possible for a person to want to be sexually
a) True
b) False
3. Which of the following are required to prove sexual harassment?
a) Unwelcome conduct AND conduct based on sex
b) Conduct based on sex AND sufficiently pervasive
c) Unwelcome conduct AND must be between a male and female
d) Conduct based on sex AND must be between a male and female
4. Which of the following is most likely to contribute to a sexually hostile work
a) Men and women working in the same building
b) A male supervising female employee
c) Not having a dress code
d) Tolerating sexually suggestive comments and jokes
5. True or False: Offensive behavior must be targeted at the person to be illegal.
a) True
b) False