Uploaded by John Dexter Valle


Valle, John Dexter C.
August 28, 2021
G080 CAD211
Engr Dhino Canela
In the Autodesk Website, you can find the system requirements of all their products including
AutoCAD and access to student downloads
1.) In a word document, describing your installation of the AutoCAD software (from sign up at the
Autodesk website to opening the sample floor plan).
- I install AutoCAD software by searching Autodesk student. I use my student email and
submit a registration form to install the free AutoCAD. I choose a 2020 version of an
AutoCAD because I think it is best for my pc. After I install AutoCAD, I’ll try to open
sample floor plan and it open smoothly. I can say that I can used mu AutoCAD without a
2.) List down the system requirement of the AutoCAD you installed.
3.) Compare it with the specs of your system, and evaluate if your computer meets the minimum,
recommended, or above the system requirements.
Spec of my System
Operating system
- Windows 10 (64-Bit)
- I5 10th gen
- 8 GB ram
Display Card
- 1050 Ti
- 1 TB
Therefore my specs meets the recommended requirement