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Business Quiz

a) The primary sector is the sector which is related to the extraction or gathering of natural
b) The company will need transportation service for transporting material and they will also need
an management or a financial service to keep records of all the financial matters of the
c) AEC won’t be successful without other firms because the country that it is operating in
Country X doesn't have all the natural resources tha AEC requires for a successful business.
Another reason could be that the company is specialised only in metal brakes and rubber seals,
the other products that are used in the production require more employees or require
employees which are more trained.
d) One reason could be that the incomes of the people of Country X has risen which gives them
more opportunity to spend on services. That is why more people will move towards the tertiary
sector and there will be a decline in the primary and the secondary sector.
e) I do not agree because as mentioned Country X is having a decline in natural resources and
the people's incomes are rising meaning they are more likely in need of tertiary sector
businesses. They would want to spend on leisures and services. The need of the sector
depends on the trend, as the world advances Country X people would probably want
automation. Secondary sector will be needed but not as much as the tertiary sector.
a) Public sector includes businesses and business activities that are completely controlled by
the government.
b) Clothes manufacturing company and oil refinery.
c) As the income of people are rising their demand for services are rising which increases the
demand for tertiary sector businesses. Another reason could be that the tertiary sector brings
new trendy things into the market which attracts the customers and they are willing to pay the
price for those products/services.
d) One reason could be that privatising can grow the business as individuals are more likely to
invest more on a business than the government ever can from the collection of taxes. Another
reason could be that private owners aim for profit which can only be gained if the quality and
price of the product satisfies the customers. This way the facility is more efficient and provides a
better quality product/service.
e) I disagree because government owned businesses aim for employment not customer
satisfaction. Their investments are normally low and the efficiency is very less as they are not
working for profit. Whereas, private businesses operate for profit and make themselves better
compared to customers which makes the businesses more efficient. The aim for better customer
service for more market demand and for a better brand image.