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Cheyenne RFP

(RFP #3-22)
Issued by:
City Treasurer’s Office
City of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Proposal Statements due:
3:00 P.M. (MDT)
City of Cheyenne
Purchasing Division, Attn: TJ Barttelbort
2101 O'Neil Avenue, Rm. 309
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 773-1045
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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The City of Cheyenne (“City”) is currently seeking proposals for the following work as specified:
The City is requesting proposals from qualified organizations (“Proposer”) to provide collection
services for unpaid and delinquent receivables. The successful Proposer will be required to enter
into an agreement, which includes the requirements of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) scope of
work. Prior to submitting a proposal, Proposers are advised to carefully read the instructions
contained within this RFP document and any attachments/exhibits to ensure they fully understand
the requirements of the request.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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The City of Cheyenne operates under the Mayor-Council form of government with an
annual General Fund budget of over $53 million and a total budget of over $100 million
for fiscal year 2022.
The City of Cheyenne was incorporated in 1867 and is the capitol city of Wyoming. It has
an estimated population of 65,132 per the 2020 Census Report, has a land area of 32.37
square miles square miles, and is located in the southeast corner of the state in Laramie
The City is a “full service city” providing a wide range of services, which include: police
and fire protection; emergency medical services; building safety regulation and inspection;
land use planning and zoning; housing and community development; maintenance and
improvement of streets and related structures; traffic safety maintenance and improvement;
and full range of recreational and cultural programs.
The successful Proposer shall have experience in providing similar types of services to
governmental agencies. All Proposers responding to this RFP will be evaluated on the
basis of their expertise, prior experience on similar projects, understanding of services,
demonstrated competence, ability to meet the requested services, adequate staffing,
reference check, cost and responsiveness to the needs and concerns of the City of
The City of Cheyenne intends to obtain the services of a full-service collection agency
(“Agency”) to provide collection services on unpaid and delinquent accounts receivable,
including, but may not be limited to:
• Returned checks,
• False alarm charges,
• Civil citation due to a code violation,
• Recreation activities,
• Sanitation services,
• Nuisance charges,
• Parking fee charges,
• Miscellaneous charges for services
Requirements: The exact range and extent of services is subject to negotiation, but at a
minimum must include professional services and dedicated personnel to perform the
following scope of services:
1. Agency shall provide collection services for debts owed to the City from delinquent
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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2. Agency shall designate a manager for the City’s account who will be the City’s
primary contact with Agency.
3. City shall submit delinquent accounts for collection in the format preferred by the
Agency. Agency shall provide acknowledgement within 10 days of account
placement via the same method that the account was submitted.
4. City shall provide documentation to the Agency for each account, including name,
any available customer information, last known address, account number, and
balance due.
5. Agency shall make a minimum of two written or telephone contacts for each
account (unless the account clears sooner) within forty-five (45) days of receipt of
6. Agency shall discuss their recommended use of skip tracing on delinquent
accounts. Agency to provide specific tools used to conduct skip tracing.
7. Agency should indicate whether the City will have access to the Agency’s database
in order to determine the progress of the collection efforts.
8. Agency shall maintain complete records of each account referred by the City,
including all correspondence, documents, account records, transactions and a
detailed log of all collection efforts of actions. These records shall be retained for a
minimum of three years after termination of collection actions on each account.
9. Agency shall provide to the City a monthly report on the status of each account
including; account number, customer name, the amount received, the charges
waived, the balance due and date of last payment, and the actions taken on the
account. Agency should immediately advise the City of any account that is paid in
full or deemed uncollectible. If an account is deemed uncollectible, information
regarding this determination must be provided to the City.
10. Agency shall provide to the City quarterly financial summary reports including
totals for receipts, net accounts receivable, total accounts receivable and collection
11. Agency shall provide to the City an annual financial summary report as of June 30
(the City’s fiscal year end) including totals for receipts, net accounts receivable,
total accounts receivable and collection percentage. This report should be submitted
to the City no later than July 30th of each year.
12. At any time, all records of the Agency pertaining to the City shall be subject to
inspection, review, or audit by City, state or federal officials, during the contract
period and for six years after the termination of the contract.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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13. Agency shall guarantee the confidentiality, security and safety of all files,
documents and information provided by the City, except as to disclosure required
by federal and state laws and regulations.
14. Agency will exercise its best ethical, prudent, lawful and professional efforts to
secure collections on all accounts referred by the City. Collections activities shall
comply with all federal, state and local laws, including but not limited to the Federal
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
15. Agency will process all customer payments in accordance with applicable Payment
Card Industry (PCI) security requirements.
16. Agency shall be HIPPA (Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act
of 1996) compliant and maintain compliance throughout the term of the contract.
17. In accordance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction (FACT) Act, the
vendor must have an identity theft prevention program in place.
18. Agency shall report all uncollectible accounts to the major credit bureaus.
Reporting must be done in accordance with all federal, state and local laws,
including but not limited to, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the Federal
Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Agency
shall not report accounts to the credit bureaus until the Agency has worked the
account for 45 days. At the request of the City, the Agency shall remove an account
notification from all the affected bureaus and provide a copy of that notification to
the City.
19. Agency shall not assign or subcontract any portion of the agreement or transfer or
assign any claim, pursuant to this contract, without the written consent of the City.
20. Agency shall make contacts with delinquent accounts under the name of the
Agency and not the City of Cheyenne.
21. Agency shall instruct consumers to submit payments to the Agency and not to the
City of Cheyenne. The Agency shall be notified of any payments made to the City
of Cheyenne for accounts under collection with the Agency.
22. Agency shall collect and deposit payments from customers and on no less than a
monthly basis submit payment to the City for all monies collected, less collection
fees, along with a report including the account name and number, amount collected,
and collection fees.
23. Any compromise settlement of principal or charges shall be agreed upon in writing
between the Agency and the City prior to acceptance.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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24. Agency may allow for time payment agreements (payment plans) and may enter
into time payment agreements with consumers with prior consent of the City.
25. No legal actions shall be taken by the Agency without express written consent of
the City.
26. The City would like to improve upon the collection rate while reducing costs
incurred to the City. We are looking for a vendor who is able to provide a fee
structure wherein the collection fees and interest are collected directly from the
debtor rather than paid by the City as a percentage rate of the amount collected.
27. The City may withdraw any accounts without any charge or penalty.
28. The City reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time by providing (30)
thirty days written notice for convenience or cause.
29. In the event of contract termination or the bankruptcy/dissolution of the Agency,
all accounts and documentation relating to City accounts shall be returned to the
City, regardless of status or payment arrangements made with consumers.
30. Agency shall meet with City staff upon execution of contract to discuss all the goals
of the relationship, the services to be provided and other topics relevant to
performing collections on behalf of the City. Furthermore, Agency shall meet with
City staff on an annual basis (or as-needed if issues arise) to discuss all services and
how the Agency and City can work together to further reduce debt owed. The City
will provide overall guidance on the conduct of collection services, as it reflects
upon the City’s policies and reputation. Agency will also provide updates to the
City on changes in federal and state laws related to credit and collections.
31. The selected Agency shall be fully responsible for maintaining accurate records of
all correspondence, working papers, and other related evidence. The records shall
be made available to the City as requested.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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August 25 and September 1, 2021
Legal Advertisement
September 8, 2021
Deadline for Questions to be submitted
September 15, 2021
Addendum Response Deadline
September 28, 2021
Proposals due from Firms
October 11-22, 2021
Review Committee reviews proposals, and selects Firms
for interviews (If necessary)
October 26, 2021
Interviews are held, and review committee completes
final selection
October 27-29, 2021
Professional Services
successful Firm
November 3, 2021
Agenda Submission Deadline
November 8, 2021
Agreement placed on City Council for Referral
November 15, 2021
Agreement at Finance Committee
November 22, 2021
Agreement City Council
November 29, 2021
Notice-to-proceed issued by City if Agreement approved
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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To be considered, proposals must be received by the City at the following location before 3:00 p.m. MST
City of Cheyenne
Purchasing Office
2101 O’Neil Avenue, Room 309
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
Attn: TJ Barttelbort
Any proposal received after that time shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened to
the Proposer. Email or fax submittals shall not be considered.
Proposers shall submit their proposals on the date and time specified in this RFP, sealed in clearly
marked envelopes as follows:
Submit one (1) original copy, one (1) electronic copy in PDF format via USB Flash Drive (Please
merge all documents relating to your proposal, and all related documents, into one single PDF
document. The PDF document shall replicate the hard copy submittal exactly), and submit five
(5) additional copies in a sealed envelope and clearly marked with the following information:
(a) the phrase “COLLECTION AGENCY SERVICES”; (b) the date and time specified for
receipt of proposals; and (c) the name and address of the Proposer.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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Any and all Proposers may make inquiries in writing to City at any time prior to NOON ON
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2021. Any written question of a Proposer regarding the
meaning or interpretation of the RFP, work scope, specifications, etc., must be submitted to the
City prior to the above specified date. The City shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that
clarifications given to any prospective Proposer shall be similarly furnished to all prospective
Proposers in summary form as an addendum to this RFP if the lack of such information could
reasonably be considered prejudicial towards uninformed Proposers. No technical assistance shall
be given by the City to any Proposer in preparation of its proposal.
The City intends to respond to all questions and inquires no later than, WEDNESDAY,
SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 AT 5:00 P.M.
Written inquiries shall be directed to:
TJ Barttelbort, Purchasing Manager
City of Cheyenne
2101 O’ Neil Ave., Rm. 309
Cheyenne Wyoming 82001
Phone # 307-773-1045
E-mail: tbarttelbort@cheyennecity.org
Any or all changes, additions, or clarifications in connection with this RFP shall be issued by the
City in the form of written addenda. Oral comments, responses and/or representations shall not be
binding upon the City.
If any Addenda are issued, each Proposer must sign the “Acknowledgment of Receipt of RFP
Addenda” form which will be included with any Addenda and submit the executed form with its
proposal or acknowledge the issued Addenda within the Proposal submission.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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The proposal must include the following components:
Method of Approach: Provide a detailed description of the approach and methodology that
will be used to fulfill each requirement listed in the Scope of Work of this RFP. The section
should include:
1. An implementation plan that describes in detail (i) the methods, including controls by
which your firm manages projects of the type sought by this RFP; (ii) methodology for
soliciting and documenting views of internal and external stakeholders; (iii) and any other
project management or implementation strategies or techniques that the respondent intends
to employ in carrying out the work.
2. Detailed description of efforts your firm will undertake to achieve client satisfaction and
to satisfy the requirements of the "Scope of Work" section.
3. Detailed project schedule, identifying all tasks and deliverables to be performed, durations
for each task, and overall time of completion.
4. Detailed description of specific tasks you will require from City staff. Explain what the
respective roles of City staff and your staff would be to complete the tasks specified in the
Scope of Work.
5. Proposers are encouraged to provide additional innovative and/or creative approaches for
providing the service that will maximize efficient, safe, and cost-effective operations or
increased performance capabilities.
Qualifications & Experience: Describe the qualifications and experience of the organization
or entity performing services/projects within the past eight years that are similar in size and
scope to demonstrate competence to perform these services. Information shall include:
1. If the owner is a corporation please provide: Name of corporation, corporate office street
address, city, state, and zip code, state where incorporated, date of incorporation, first and
last name of officers, local office address, city, state & zip, and the date local office opened
its doors for business.
2. If the owner is a partnership or joint venture, please provide: Name of partnership or joint
venture, principal office street address, city, state, and zip code, state of organization, date
of organization, first and last name of general partner(s), local office address, city, state,
and zip code, and date local office opened its doors for.
3. List all businesses owned or controlled by yourself (applicant) or business manager doing
similar business in California under another name. List business name and address and
specify who owns or controls the business (e.g., self, business manager, etc.).
4. List all businesses for which you or your business manager is or was an officer, director,
or partner doing similar business in California under another name. List business name and
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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address, title, date(s) in position; specify who was in position (e.g., self, business manager,
5. How many years have you been in business under your present business name?
6. Provide a list of current and previous contracts similar to the requirements for the City of
Cheyenne, including all public agencies served (if any). For each, provide a brief
description of the scope of work performed, the length of time you have been providing
services, and the name, title, and telephone number of the person who may be contacted
regarding your organization’s service record.
7. Submit a description of the organization’s qualifications, experience and abilities that make
it uniquely capable to provide the services specified in the Scope of Work.
8. Any entity which submits a Proposal should describe in detail how it currently performs
services like those identified in the Scope of Work within its or other jurisdictions,
including photographs, written policies and/or video of services provided.
Financial Capacity: Provide the Proposer's latest audited financial statement or other
pertinent information such as internal unaudited financial statements and financial references
to allow the City to reasonably formulate a determination about the financial capacity of the
Proposer. Describe any administrative proceedings, claims, lawsuits, or other exposures
pending against the Proposer.
Staffing: It is essential that the Proposer provide adequate experienced personnel, capable of
and devoted to the successful accomplishment of work to be performed under this contract.
The Proposer must agree to assign specific individuals to the key positions.
1. Identify the members of the staff who would be assigned to act for Proposer’s firm in key
management and filed positions providing the services described in the Proposal, and the
functions to be performed by each.
2. Include resumes or curriculum vitae of each such staff member, including name, position,
telephone number, email address, education, and years and type of experience. Describe
for each such person, the relevant transactions on which they have worked.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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Cost Proposal: This section shall clearly identify all fees related to the performance of
collection services by the Proposer. If any portion of the work is to be done on a time basis,
the proposal submitted should specify hourly fees to be charged and a fee cap.
Proposals shall be valid for a minimum of 180 days following submission.
References: Provide a list of at least five municipalities where the same/similar
services, as stated herein, have been provided.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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A selection committee, which may include members of the City's staff and possibly one or more
outside experts, will screen and review all Proposals according to the weighted criteria set forth
PROJECT: Collection Agency Services
Cost Proposal
Proposer clearly identifies all fees related to the
performance of collection services, including hourly
fees and fee cap, as applicable.
Proposer provides a detailed description of the
approach and methodology that will be used to
fulfill each Scope of Work requirement.
Method of Approach
Qualifications of
Agency’s Experience
Proposer demonstrates the qualifications and
experience required to perform the services
Financial Capacity
Proposer provides financial documentation as
required, demonstrating their financial capacity to
perform the services requested.
Qualifications of Key
Personnel’s Experience
Proposer identifies key personnel qualifications
required to successfully fulfill the requirements of
the RFP Scope of Work.
documentation as required.
(0 - 10)
The selection committee may require selected advisors to attend an interview process with
members of the selection committee.
The City of Cheyenne reserves the right to enter into Collection Agency Services contracts with
one or more firms, reject any and all proposals, with or without cause, to waive any informalities
or irregularities not involving price in any proposals received, to re-advertise for proposals, or take
any other such actions and/or award contracts pursuant to this RFP that may be deemed to be in
the best interest of the City of Cheyenne. The City of Cheyenne shall be the sole judge of the
submittal that is in its best interest, and its decision shall be final. The City of Cheyenne also
reserves the right and sole discretion to reject any response or proposal at any time on grounds that
include, without limitation, either that a response is non-responsive to the RFP or is incomplete or
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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irregular in any way, or that a solicitation response is not in the City of Cheyenne’s best interest.
The City of Cheyenne also reserves the right to consider and rely upon factors other than pricing
in its selection process.
All proposals received will be considered public information by the City of Cheyenne. Proposers
are advised that any information considered by them to be trade secret, privileged or confidential
data should not be revealed in the proposal. Contents of proposals received will be made available
to anyone requesting them after the selection process has been completed and the contract has been
awarded. The City of Cheyenne assumes no liability for the use or disclosure of technical or cost
data submitted by any responding advisor.
The initial term of the contract will be for a 4-year period, with 2 possible one-year extensions
beyond that period.
The selected Agency shall be required to sign a professional services agreement in the form
provided by the City of Cheyenne, which will incorporate this RFP and the proposal submitted by
that advisor and agree to the terms and conditions therein. Any violation of professional services
agreement provisions by the advisor will be cause for immediate termination.
City of Cheyenne / Request for Proposal #3-22
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