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History - Paper Bag Script

Activity 1: 2-Minute Paper Bag Speech (Short Video)
Due date: August 16-19, 2021
Please be informed that you are required to introduce yourself (in English), and
the teacher of this subject would like to request that you need to create a video
by doing this "2-Minute Paper Bag Speech."
This speech is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the rest of us. Place three
items that describe you in a paper bag and bring them in to share with the
class. Select objects that represent significant aspects of your background,
personality, values, hopes and dreams, and/or goals.
Each object must illustrate a different part of you, so please don’t choose three
objects that represent the same goal or personality trait. You will also decorate
the outside of your bag.
I.THE BAG – Outside:
1. Find a paper bag! It can be a grocery bag, shopping bag, or even a lunch
bag. It can have handles or not. Any lettering that is pre-printed on the bag
MUST be covered by your work.
The four categories for the outside of the bag are:
Side 1 – Likes/Dislikes
Side 2 – Words that describes you
Side 3 – Things you value in life
Side 4 – Someone you admire or your hero (Describe this person/hero and
explain why this person is your hero)
Please include your name in a creative way somewhere on the outside of your
II. THE BAG – Inside:
Inside the bag place 3 objects that symbolize you. Each object must have a tag
or label attached to it explaining how it represents your background,
personality, values, hopes and dreams, and/or goals. Please try to use objects
that are interesting and unique.
Examples of objects:
·If I value time spent in nature I might include a rock or a flower and I would
explain that when I am in nature I find peace and feel freed from daily stressors.
·If the support of family is an important value I might have a family photo in my
bag. I would explain how my family has shaped me in to the person I am today.
1. Introduce yourself.
·Strand/Track and previous school attended
2. Share One side from the outside of your bag (you choose which side).
3. Share the inside of your bag by pulling the first object out of the bag and
telling what it is and how it represents your goal. Do the same for the 2nd and
3rd symbols.
4. Close with a statement about your goal(s) for the year.