Home Reading Bag

Home Reading Bag
This is your child’s home reading bag. Several times a week, your first grader
will be picking a “just right” book of his/her choice to read to YOU at home. It
should be a book he/she can read with minimal support. *Please remember at
the beginning if the year your child is still learning how to pick a “just right”
book, so some books may seem too easy or too hard until he/she learns how to
make successful book choices.* Sometimes a second book will come home
that your child read with me during guided reading instruction time. This
book may be a little more challenging and require more support. You may keep
the book(s) a couple days but please make sure they are returned every
Before Reading
*Talk about the title/cover of the book. How can the cover help you predict
might happen in the story? Take a picture walk and talk about what is
During Reading
*Remind your child to read in long phrases and with good expression, and make
predictions every few pages.
*Use pictures, context clues, the 1st sound, little words inside big words
(cat-er-pill-er), and meaning to solve unknown words.
After Reading
*Talk about what happened in the story:
Who are the characters? Where does the story take place? What was the
problem? How was the problem solved? What happened sequentially from
to end?
*Rereading is great for fluency practice!
*Please remember to read at least 15-20 minutes DAILY! This is crucial to your
child’s reading success.
*Don’t forget about those library books that come home that you can
buddy read with your child. Even though your child is now reading to you, it is
still very important to find time each day to also read to him/her.