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Make 3 example for each metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive
Metacognitive knowledge
1. I knew in myself that I was not good at memorizing the difficult
spellings of the word, because of this I studied it more properly
and in accordance with my knowledge.
2. Lloyd knew that he was not that good when it came to correct
grammar and because of this he became more motivated himself to
study it more thoroughly.
3. During reunion I can't remember who my cousins are because I’m
not good at remembering names, because of this every time we meet,
I spend time with them to
know them
better and be good at
remembering people.
Metacognition Regulation
1. Upon looking at my grades, it's apparent that these study
strategies were useless because I didn't do particularly well.
2. Dana came up with her usual plan to solve the math problem but
she didn't notice that there is an easy way to solve the problem,
so she focused on thinking about what it is.
3. He was planning to do his assignment 2 hours before the
submission period, but he can do it in his spare time before the
day of submission. And he thought that he could be confused if he
did it 2 hours before the submission so he did it when he was free.
In 3-5 sentences, reflect whether if you are a novice or expert
As of 12 years of learning, I’ve been more experienced in what I
am as a learner. And because of those experiences, I can say
what I am between a novice or an expert learner. I can surely
say that I am in the middle of this kind of learning strategy.
because sometimes there are things, I want to know deeply with
all my heart and mind and there are things I just want to know