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the fall of a city 3ppe assignment

Q. Defend or refute if whether the uncle and auntie are bullies in the story the fall
of a city.
Ans. In my opinion the story revolves around a child who lives with his uncle and
aunt who have no kids of their own, which leaves them being insensitive and
unaware of a child’s emotional development and how to have a conversation with
the child. The suspicion that they have towards the boy shows that they are being
inconsiderate and mean to him.
“He spent most of the afternoon in the attic, his aunt said. Yes I think its about
time that one of us went up there and found out what he has been doing.”
(Nowlan 132).
This quote shows that they are sure that he is up to mischief and doing something
wrong, therefore showing that they don’t trust him.
Another reason why the aunt and uncle are bullies is because they find humour in
making fun of the child without realizing that they are damaging his selfconfidence.
“They looked pretty much like paper dolls to me. Paper dolls and doll houses. An
11-year-old boy? The man choked trying to restrain his laughter, next thing we
know, you’ll be wanting us to put skirts on you.” (Nowlan 133)
This qoute clearly shows that they show no interest in what the child is thinking or
doing and are not appreciating him for his amazing imagination.
The uncle and aunt are clearly bullies effecting the childs self-esteem and
imagination, the part of the story when the boy goes to the attic to destroy his art
which was a clear reflection of his brilliant imagination and artistic skills is truly a
“His aunt and uncle did not mean to be cruel, he knew. From time to time, by
their acts and words, they showed that they were fond of him.” (Nowlan 132)
this quote shows that even though the boy knew his aunt and uncle were fond of
him, but their words still cut deep.