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Write your philosophy in life. Express your ideas as completely and clearly as you can. Think deeply and
beyond superficialities and refuse to be satisfied with the first idea that you have.
Guide questions:
1. What do you most value in life? Why?
I personally value the life itself. It is always easy to focus on the challenges and we often forget
the beauty and miracle of life. Whenever I am blue, the best way to lift my mood up is to appreciate the
gift of life and always be grateful for it. Being grateful leads to contentment and satisfaction.
2. What gives your life meaning?
Acquiring different experiences and getting out of my comfort zone give meaning to my life.
Staying in the comfort zone will not let me experience new things in life, it is just a repeating cycle. By
going through a range of emotions such as chaos, happiness, sadness and love makes me feel alive and
allows me to be a better version of myself.
3. What is the purpose of your life?
Personally, I think that my purpose in life is to help people out. My heart is for those people in
need. Whenever I have food or spare change, I hand it out to the beggars out in the streets. Before, I wish
that I am rich so that I could help these people especially children but I have realized that by doing simple
things can help them get by. I believe that the general purpose of our lives is to make our existence a
worth and meaningful journey.
4. What do you hope to achieve in your life?
I hope to achieve genuine happiness in my life. Being happy is more than just putting a smile in
my face. For me, genuine happiness is when you are physically tired but your heart is warm and fulfilled
because you know that what you are doing gives you the energy. I also hope to achieve contentment in
my life. It is a human nature to always crave for achievements and success so being contented will allow
me to be grateful and will keep my feet on the ground.
Answer the following questions about yourself as fully and precisely as you can.
1. How would you characterize yourself?
I know myself as a jolly and a brave woman. I think that I can know myself more by reflecting on
my own actions. It determines if my skills or actions were effective which allows me to improve as a
person. I also accept feedbacks and learned to how to filter the opinions of people around me. When I
know that a certain opinion is really for my good, I take it.
2. What makes you stand out from the rest? What makes yourself special?
I think that my personality stands me out from the rest. From the moment I was born up to the
present moment, my personality is molded. I have been through good and bad experiences, victory and
failure and acquired wisdom from these. No one else has the exact knowledge, experience and personality
same as me. God created us uniquely perfect and we should treasure and love ourselves.
3. How is yourself connected to your body?
I am connected to my body through my soul and emotions. The body is the physical form that
allows a person to experience things in life whereas the soul is the residing identity in the body. Life is not
a smooth sailing journey, there are going to be a lot of tough times and I know I can get through because
I know myself as a fighter and courageous woman.
4. How is yourself related to other self?
No person can live alone that is why it is said that no man is an island. I really love to make friends
because it is nice to have some company that you can share your experiences, cry or laugh with. I
appreciate their feelings and respect their opinions. As I have learned to love and accept myself, I never
let anyone disrespect me or treat me badly. Whenever I encounter those type of people, I cut them off of
my life because they will just scar my self-esteem.
5. What will happen to yourself after you die?
After I die my physical body will be buried by my family and friends. As a Christian, I believe that
my soul will leave my body and will be judged if I am going to heaven or hell.