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Greg Bowes
May 6th 2021
Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the hot weather we’ve had over the past
couple days. I know I certainly have.
In terms of academics, I have completed course registration and have received
confirmation that I will be going into electrical engineering starting next winter. I’m
excited for the new challenges that in person classes will bring and am even more so
excited to meet some people when class starts in september. In the few group projects I
had this year, I realized how much I missed being able to talk to others about classes,
concepts, assignments, etc.
This summer, I will be working again for the sackville sports stadium as a day camp
leader. This will be my fourth paid summer and my sixth year being involved with Rec.
This will be my second last summer working so I intend to enjoy the activities we put on
for the kids. The camps will be less restrictive than last summer, but still not how they
used to be. Regardless, I'm excited to be back.
My goal as many of you know was to golf and lounge around the pool during the months
of May and June. I’m extremely happy to now be able to do so since the intraprovincial
travel ban has been lifted and my pool has been fixed. I lost one month but June will
certainly be enjoyable to me.
With vaccinations continually proceeding much swifter than anticipated, I hope I will
finally be able to meet all of you at one of Frank's famous monthly pizzas. Optimistically,
I hope to see you all sometime early this fall. Until then, enjoy the summer and the hot
weather it brings.