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Teacher soap box moment: Do the eyes of any other science teachers twitch when the
only the word 'it' is used to describe the subject of a student's response? Believe me,
there's a reason I am not an English teacher, but after reading at least 10 responses to a
cell transport question like this I realized I needed to do more to help my students master
scientific vocabulary.
That's when I developed this graphic organizer. It helped my students slow down and
process the vocabulary. As a result they felt much more confident using the terms in their
question responses. Teacher win! These are so flexible; you can have students fill out a
few terms as bell work or homework. I usually print out a packet of the unit.
Teacher Notes:
Using these graphic organizers in conjunction with other activities to build vocabulary
works best. You can do other activities such as vocabulary taboo, flash cards, vocabulary
games and more!
Prior Knowledge:
No prior knowledge is needed
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Go live!
If you haven’t already tried it, you must check out Quizlet Live!
Make a deck and send your students to the races! It is much more
collaborative than other platforms which gets my students talking.
I announce who is winning like we are at a horse race and my
students love it!
Vocab taboo
You can play taboo with the vocab words! It would be awesome
if the students made the cards themselves! Assign one to each
person in the class and have them make a card with the term and
the words they can’t use to describe it. Then, send them into
groups to practice their vocab on the sly!
Bell work for the
For bell work, have the students work on the vocab introduced in
the last lesson or the vocab that will be introduced that day.
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