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atomic structure

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Atomic Structure
1. The basic unit of matter is the ___________.
2. Name the three basic particles of the atom, followed by the charge and atomic mass of each
a. ___________ ___ ___
b. ___________ ___ ___
c. ___________ ___ ___
3. If a proton were the size of a basketball, the ______________ would be ___times larger and be
some _____ __________ away.
4. The electron orbits at a speed of roughly 1/10th the speed of light, some _____________ miles per
second, and is “everywhere at once in its (shape)_______________ orbit, called an electron
5. The atom is roughly __________________________ empty space!
6. The electron takes up about __________ the space of a proton, but the proton weight ________
times more.
7. The smallest and the simplest atom is the element _______________, which is made up of
8. The number one rule of atomic structure is that every atom wants to have a _____________
_________ shell. The first shell can hold ___ electrons.
9. The second rule of atomic structure is that atoms want to have an equal number of positive
____________ and ____________ _____________.
10. If hydrogen loses its one electron it becomes ___________________ smaller and is just a(n)
____________ with a positive charge. This is called the hydrogen ______ and is abbreviated
11. If two hydrogen atoms share ____________ this is written as _______ and we call this the
12. Hydrogen has the atomic number of ____ because it has one _____________.
13. The atom with atomic number of 2 is ____________; it has ____ protons, ___ neutrons and ____
electrons. The symbol for Helium is _____, and the outer shell of electrons is full/not full.
14. What is the atomic mass of helium? ___
15. The size of a hydrogen atom is about ________________ or .2 __________________.