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Ln.1 Saudi Arabia (notes)

Success International School, Riyadh
Academic Year 2021-2022
1st Term Notes
Grade: 3
Subject : Social Studies
Unit: 1
Lesson:1 Saudi Arabia
Choose the correct answer:
1. _______________is a place where people work , live and enjoy life.
a) Community
b) Society
c) Family
2. The capital city of Saudi Arabia is __________.
a ) Riyadh
b) Makkah
c) Dammam
3. In which place Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) born.
a) Makkah
b) Madina
c) Jordan
4. ____________ is a place where Muslims visit for Umrah.
a) Madina
b) Makkah
c) katheef
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5. Saudi Arabia is bordered by different countries like _______and Iraq from the North.
a) Jordan
b) Sudan
c) Egypt
6. Saudi Arabia is situated in the continent of ____________.
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) Australia
7. Which sea is close to the city of Jeddah?
a) Red sea
b) Arabian sea
c) Persian gulf
8. Where is the holy city of Makkah located?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Egypt
c) Oman
9. A large body of water is called____________.
a) Sea
b) Land
c) Forest
10. What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
a) Riyal
b) Rupees
c) Dollar
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