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The Little Match Girl
Answer Key
Class X
a. Describe the vision that the little girl had just seen.
- The little match girl saw a Christmas tree which was larger and lovelier than the one she had seen
last year through the glass doors of the rich merchant’s house.
- A thousand candles lit up the green branches which were decorated with gaily coloured balls.
- The candles on the tree rose and turned into bright stars.
b. What do the goose in the second vision and the tree in the third vision symbolise?
- The goose symbolises how hungry the girl was. It shows the need of a poor hungry child to
partake of such a delicious meal which only the rich could enjoy.
- The Christmas tree symbolises undying life as it is forever green even in the winter months.
- It also symbolises her longing for celebration and enjoyment.
c. What belief did the girl have about falling stars? Why?
- The girl believed that whenever a star fell, a soul went up to God.
- She had this belief because her grandmother had told her so.
- As her grandmother was the only one who had ever loved her, the girl believed whatever she
d. Analyse the relationship between the girl and her grandmother.
- Strong bond of love…the grandmother was the only one who had ever cared for the girl.
- The grandmother was her source of strength, love, trust and affection.
- On one hand, the girl keeps lighting the matches to keep her grandmother with her. On the other
hand, the grandmother comes like an angel and takes the girl to a better world.
e. What are the sources of light used in the story? What does the final one represent?
- Matchsticks followed by the iron stove
- Brightly lit candles which transformed into stars
- The final source of light is a blaze brighter than broad daylight.
- It symbolises hope, happiness and release from misery. The blaze represents the light of God and
hope, leading the girl to a world where there was love – and no hunger, cold or pain.
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