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TACwin started its activity in 1998, and ever since, has had extensive attempts in order to provide
comprehensive solutions and specialized services. The company has implemented several
specialized and extensive projects in its field of activity. The technical knowledge of the company is
built on years of experience in providing services, equipping the company with the proficiency to
recognize the lack of coordination in the traditional design of electrical and mechanical installation
systems through modern building control systems. The company employs this knowledge to
advance optimal designs. Moreover, in an attempt to provide upstream services in the Oil and Gas
industry and supply and install wellhead parts and equipment and also particularly the Electrical
Submersible Pumps (ESP), the company started its new field of activity. For future plans, the
company already started to localize the said knowledge and produce the equipment in the Oil and
Gas industry. By establishing extensive and continuous technical and commercial relations with the
most prestigious internationally renowned companies, the company has taken effective steps toward
updating and upgrading its technical knowledge and providing more favorable services to the