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Going Places 2018 S1

Going Places – Travelling Smarter
Week 2
Travel Writing in the Digital Space:
Volume, Variety and Velocity
Shanton Chang
Digital Journeys
The term ’journey’ suggests the act of travelling
from one place to another.
Digital Journey refers to the transition that an
individual makes online from relying on one
digital bundle of information sources to a new
bundle, perhaps based in the new host country
or internationally.
Therefore, a Digital Journey is deemed to have
been made when a sojourner comes to rely on a
new digital bundle of sources that is distinct
from any pre-existing ones that they have been
relying on previously.
Writing Online
“I relish the free-wheeling marketplace of ideas that
abounds there. People from all different walks of
life are on the page, challenging me, each other,
and doing it all mostly with good cheer, since this is
largely a platform for daily belly laughs, with a
sprinkle of thoughtful commentary on life tossed in.
I also appreciate that fans can “send” me notes
simply by posting on my wall, and I have a direct
and immediate way to thank or acknowledge
Takei Hosato (2012)
Credit: Tom Atwood
Writing Online: Considerations
Some key factors to consider;
There’s a lot of it (Volume)
There’s great diversity of topic, angles,
perspectives, content, form, audience (Variety)
It travels at great speeds (Velocity)
Challenges of Volume
• With Volume comes overload
• It is hard to analyse and compile
• Getting lost online is easy
• How do you compete for attention?
• How do you work out relevance?
• How long should your blog entries be?
• Thinking you are safe from detection
Challenges of Variety
• There’s great diversity of topic, angles,
perspectives, content, form, and audience
• So, what are the challenges associated with
Most Popular Sites Around the World
Digital Journeys
• The Digital Journey ‘refers to the transition
that an individual makes online from relying
on one digital bundle of sources to the other
new bundle, perhaps based on the new host
country or internationally’ Chang and Gomes
(2016, 2017a).
Factors to Consider
• Who is your audience?
– Understanding who you are writing for is important?
– How do you ‘protect’ yourself?
– What is “trolling”?
• What is your tone and angle?
– This helps you set a framework for reflection
– It also attunes your audience to your style
– What are your values?
Challenges of Velocity
• You have the potential to travel at great
speeds and widely online… what does this
What makes something go
• The Internet Environment is populated by
tribes of users who cluster into different
online communities – each with their own
interest, purpose, philosophy and aesthetic.
• So – what has to happen for things to go
Let’s have a look at some
• http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/
• http://www.501places.com/
• http://www.wanderingearl.com/
• http://eatandbemerryfortomorrowwediet.blogspot
What makes a good Digital
• Digital Astuteness
– Digital Skills?
– Digital Literacy?
– Digital Emotional Intelligence?
– Digital Personal Branding?