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A4 Paper tower challenge

Look around your homes. Did you know most of the things you see were created
by engineers? Safe buildings, plumbing, chairs ...even the design of your cup! All
of these things (and much more) likely came from the desk of an engineer to
ensure safety and economical design before they were created and made
available to the public.
The only materials you may use for construction are paper and scissors. NO GLUE, TAPE OR
1 piece of A4 paper
You can only use 1 sheet of A4 paper
The overall tower shape may not be a plain rectangle.
The tower may be no less than 10cm and no more than 30cm across at the widest point.
You may not use a whole sheet of paper in the construction of your tower pieces unless it has
been folded or cut in some way.
The only materials you may use for construction are paper, tape and scissors. NO GLUE OR STAPLES.
Now that you have built your tower, think about the process and the finished product.
1) Did your tower come out like the rough draft you created? Why or why not?
2) What do you think you did well while building you tower?
3) What do you think you could improve on if you got the chance to rebuild?
Sketch a redesigned tower based on what you learned building the first one.
Include notes about things you would change.