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A story of myself

A story of myself
I was born on the nine day in the month of December, on the year of rabbit, 1999 at
Manila Quezon City, We move here in Bohol when I was 4 years old. My father works at
Heisco Company at Kuwait. My mother is a housewife. I am the second child in the
family of 3 children that consist of 2 male. I don’t remember much during the early years
of my infant life as I never heard nor asked about it from my parents, and also doesn’t
have prove of it because there doesn’t any pieces of prove that I will be proud of.
Life at College
When I've listened to people reflect on their college experiences and explain how
college is supposed to be. I used to try to imagine what my first semester would be like
the summer after my senior year based on what I had heard others say in the past.
College life marks me the end of the adolescent years, and face new beginnings and
possibilities. This age prepares me for all of life's struggles and establishes a solid base
of knowledge. My experience at the University of Bohol taught me one important lesson:
life is unpredictable. Expect the unexpected. It may be nice, bad, strange, or
uninteresting, but expect something to happen. College life prepares me for all of this.
College life throws a lot of obstacles in many ways. College teaches us to be selfsufficient. It strengthens us and teaches us how to fight our own battles. It also
encourages us to take our careers seriously. We make decisions that affect our future
on our own. From developing a sense of duty and study. It's the right balance of
happiness and hardships. You've arrived in an unfamiliar environment where you must
mingle. It teaches us how to socialize and form our own views. You meet new people,
you connect with them, learn about their cultures, and grow as an individual. You'll learn
how to communicate with a variety of people and how to evaluate their actions. The
most important element of college life is the friendships I create. These people will
provide you power as well as assist you with your paperwork.