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Why I Would Recommend My True Friend to Visit Al Ain
Essentially, United Arab Emirates has several spectacular places that can fascinate
tourists especially from far countries who are not used to the culture. Perhaps one of them is Al
Ain, which is a city within a city and a spectacular place within Abu Dhabi that anyone who has
not been to the Emirates will enjoy. This is especially so because Al Ain is rich in historical and
Muslim culture. I would particularly recommend my true friend who is not from my country to
visit Al Ain due to its significance within the United Arab Emirates. Due to the many captivating
sceneries and magnificent culture found in Al Ain, I would highly recommend my best friend to
visit Al Ain in case they have the chance to visit the United Arab Emirates, especially if they do
not come from the Middle East.
Since the Al Ain city dates back to three thousand B.C., it is worthy to note that it is rich
in culture and attractions. The name came from its environment meaning ‘water fountain’ and
due to the numerous attractions within the city, Al Ain is presently considered as the cultural
heritage of United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the city, commonly known as the ‘city of parks,’
has many fountains of waters that are responsible for its green appearance despite its location in
the Arabian Desert. Perhaps this phenomenon makes it one of the few green cities within the
Arabian Gulf and one would only be astonished at this fact. For instance, one would be
captivated at the sight of Green Mubazzarah, which is a green region between desert and
mountains and can provide the perfect ambience and relaxation as one enjoys the warm breeze.
Perhaps some of the most interesting places to visit within the city include the ‘Al Ain
National Museum’ and the ‘Al Ain Palace Museum’. Due to their distinct architecture and
artifacts, the museums offer the best historical facts and artifacts within the Arabian region,
considering that Al Ain is the second largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Other major
attractions within Al Ain include the Carmel market where various traders flock in regularly to
buy and sell camels, and the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort. Indeed, any visitor to Al Ain
would not be bored considering the wide array of top-notch hotels like the Ayla hotel and the Al
Massa Hotel Apartment. In addition, the transport facilities at Al Ain are unmatched considering
the high number of tours and travel companies and private taxis within the city. Above all, the
residents of Al Ain are very humble and hospitable people.
Despite the fact that Al Ain is located within Abu Dhabi, it is astonishing to see many
residents of Dubai and other Middle East nationals flocking in to Al Ain every year for holidays.
This definitely means that Al Ain has some things in offer that are not found anywhere else.
Apart from the rich Muslim culture experienced in Al Ain, it is also worthy to note that the
visitors will be treated to a wide array of sporting, arts, and recreational activities that will keep
them captivated for their entire period of stay.