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Lecturer, Department of Law, College of Politics and Law at XXXUniversity
Doctor of Constitution and Administrative Law
Dear Selection Committee´╝î
As her class advisor and teacher of History of Foreign Law, I deem it a great pleasure to recommend you
my most outstanding student, 10004. It had been 4 years since I got acquainted with her and hence I formed
a better understanding of her. Through my letter, I hope you could get an objective and overall knowing of
this young lady.
It was 10004’s accurate practical application of the learned professional knowledge and extensive thinking
gained my first high evaluation of her. In my class, I used to provide the students with some cases for a
discussion and always at such moment, 10004 would has a hot debate with other students on a specific
topic which showed vividly her thorough understanding of the acquired knowledge. Later I got to know
that, to have an overall comprehension of some problems, she would apply the theories of some other Law
disciplines and even some Social Science related and finally prove her conclusion from Law perspective.
Because I’ve done some in-depth studies on Constitution and Administrative Law, 10004 usually consulted
me about the related problems in spare time and was able to put forward her own viewpoints, such as on the
privatization of Constitution and villagers’ trouble which were all in disputation at a time. With relation to
the former problem, she declaimed that to take legal provision as the basis for deciding a case is not
appropriate because the Constitution doesn’t directly apply to equal parties and the judges have no rights to
explain its application; and at the same time, she recommended her solution to such cases as there was no
specific provisions in the Private Law, or the court didn’t adjudicate to protect citizen’s rights under the
existing laws in the event that the citizen’s essential rights were infringed, and then the citizen was entitled
to sue the court for the infringement of essential rights or to start an administrative proceeding against the
“legislative non-action” of legislatures requiring law amendment. Though the realization of her ideas was
difficult in the current legal system, her enquiring mind and unique mode of thinking has made me know
not only her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards Law but also her profound understanding of the
humanistic care embodied in the Law which I think is the valuable quality a Law major student shall
As the commissary in charge of study in her class, 10004 usually organized discussions on some hot topics,
activities on campus and won the scholarship in the past 4 years. Truly, her excellence has brought our
school many credits. After her graduation, she sometimes came to me consulting about her problems in
work and I was happy to provide her with guidance and help for I am fully confident in her success in the
Hence, I am delighted to recommend 10004 to you in hopes of getting her a favorable consideration of her
application. In view of my understanding of her, I believe she won’t let you down.
Should any further information is needed, please feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours,