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the Continental
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propost.'CI thnt u cont inent numcd /\tlu nti s once cxistcJ in the miJJ lc of lh A tl :.11111 Ocean. hut
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Bct"cen 1912 and 1930. Gcrm:in 1!cophysicis1 nnd mctcurnl ogbt Alf rcll \\ ei:ma
(IHR0-1930) dcvclnncd the concer t t h:1t nll t hc con t incnh \\ ere :11 one ti me 11 ini:lc lu nd-m5
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he enltcd CllRl incnl•I cJrirl . bul foiled to C1l011:up \\ ith U COil\ illclllg lllCCh:llli:-.111 llf h11\\ ii work 'li.
Indeed. it is hard lo imagine a force t hot could move continents Such a lorcc ' oult.l h l\ c 10 11pc:r.llc oo
n global scnlc. Until a mechnnism was discovercd. cont inental d1 ifl · ·maincd a hypotheo;is.Olli u llk-.my.
Through the 1930s. 40s and 50s. most geologists cnnidcrcd \\ cgc1wr s h p1lthcs1s or driliing
conlincnts ns little more thon an imagi11:11 j, . fontasy (•,.;.J). L> uring thi. time. h1m cver. C\ idcncc w35
gathered. such as the fit lhc profiles of adjacc111 (but widcl) scp:iratcd ) continents :mJ 1hc imilurit 1>f
rocks. fossils, and ancient i:;lacintions on t hese cont inents. l\\ o funher lines of evidcncc :ire incluJcd
nu lcomagn clism a nd nccnn-noor sp rcn ding. r:vcntually evidence for contincnlol drill nec:u 111: so
huge thal it could no longer be ignored.
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