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 Feb 4 “Exploring Transnational Human Rights Groups” by Paul Sum and Brian Urlacher March 4 “Busting Out: The Role of U.S. Companies in Promoting Women’s Rights in the Developing World” by Christyne Vachon April 1 EXPLORING INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ON THE LOCAL AND GLOBAL STAGE: ACTIVISM, EXPERIENCES, AND LIMITATIONS Roundtable: Grand Forks as a Global Community: Being an Immigrant and New American in ND April 29 International Studies at UND invites you to attend events that explore pressing human rights issues. In a series of events, we will discuss why human rights is one of the most celebrated and controversial ideas in our world today. Why do some people believe that human rights is the best way to bring about positive change in the world while others reject it as a new form of cultural imperialism? Co-­‚Äźsponsors are the Women and Gender Studies Program, the History Department, and Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. Neoliberalism and Human Rights: Unresolvable Tensions? UND Student Projects EVENTS TAKE PLACE AT THE BACKSTAGE PROJECT AT THE EMPIRE ARTS CENTER. RECEPTION BEGINS AT 6:30 SESSIONS START AT 7:00