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3.1.1 Energy

HW 3.1.1 Energy
HW 3.1.1 Energy
Directions: answer the following questions using the information from the Energy Notes.
1. Some roller coasters stop gradually as they return to the start, and some stop
quickly, but all roller coasters have brakes. Brakes use energy to stop the roller
coaster, turning the energy of motion into heat and sound. When an object is
already in motion, why is energy required to stop it?
2. Moving water from streams, rivers, waterfalls, and rainwater can be used to do
work. Energy is transferred from the falling water to the wheel paddles, which
turns the wheel. The axle of the moving wheel can transfer energy to machines
or store that energy to do work later. If the water was not moving or there was no
water available, then no work could be done. What is the relationship between
energy use and motion?
3. Imagine seeing your friend trying to push a heavy box into the back of a car. The
box isn't moving, but your friend tells you that he is getting a lot of work done.
Using what you have learned, how can you explain to your friend the relationship
between energy and the potential to do work?
HW 3.1.1 Energy
4. Which image in the collage below is an example of an object not doing work?
A. Swinging a bat in baseball
B. Kicking a soccer ball
C. Climbing a rock wall
D. Water wheel in a dry river
5. Why is the image you chose an example of work not being done? Explain why.