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U4C15-16 Study Guide (1)

U9 Test Review
1. What happened to the Sudenten territory? What was it a part of? After WWII, the
Sudetenland was restored to Czechoslovakia, which expelled most of the German inhabitants.
2. What was the Non-aggression Pact of 1939? Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed the
German-Soviet Nonaggression pact.
3. Why did Hitler invade Poland? To regain lost territory and ultimately rule their neighbor to
the east.
4. After the Nazis took control of France, what happened to its government? It took over from
a fascist regime in utter collapse.
5. What mistake did Hitler make regarding the Soviet Union that Napoleon made years earlier?
They both started a war of attrition that they were not prepared for.
6. What two cities were bombed to end the Pacific campaign? When were they bombed? In
1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed.
7. What was the name of the project to develop the atomic bomb? The Manhattan projects.
8. What did Hitler write while he was in jail? Mein Kampf
9. Who was General Douglas MacArthur? What was his role in ending the war? He oversaw
the successful allied occupation.
10. Who was Benito Mussolini? He was an Italian politician and journalist who founded
National Fascist Party.
11. Who were the President(s) of the United States during WWII? Roosevelt and Truman
12. What significance did the attack on Pearl Harbor have on the United States? It galvanized
the American people
13. What happened at the Battle of the Bulge? German forces launched a surprise attack
14. What was the purpose of the Lend-Lease Act and the amending of the Neutrality Acts?
Lifted the arms embargo.
15. Who led Great Britain through WWII? Churchill
16. Why did the United States drop the atomic bombs on Japan? Was there an alternative?
Truman didn’t seek to destroy Japanese culture
17. Who was Joseph Stalin? Dictator of Soviet Union
18. What was Hitler and the Nazis strategy when attacking Great Britain? What did it entail?
Eliminate the English Motherland
19. What was the Holocaust? When Jews were sacrificed
20. Why is the date of May 8, 1945 significant? Victory in Europe day
21. What happened at Stalingrad? Leningrad? Battle of Stalingrad
22. Explain Operation Overlord. The battle of normandy
23. How were the British able to fend off and prepare for the attacks of the Germans on
England? Prevented German bomber formations
24. What was the importance of North Africa to the Allies? Destroyed or neutralized nearly
900,00 german troops
25. Who did the Nazis target in the Holocaust? Jews, salvs
26. Why did the American and British forces invade Western Europe? Major air compaign
27. Where was the Normandy invasion launched from? The allied invasion of western Europe.
28. What was the turning point in the war for the Soviet Union? Battle of Stalingrad
29. What was the outcome of Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941? Axis failure.
30. What is appeasement? Action of appeasing
31. Who were the main Allies? Axis? Axis- Germany Italy japan
32. What was the Final Solution? What was the most heinous action regarding it? Nazi plan
33. Explain what happened at the Battle of Midway. US navy decisive victory
34. Before entering the war, why did Roosevelt want to help the Allies? Both American law and
public fears.
35. Why did Hitler have support from the German people regarding his treatment of the Jews?
36. Describe the home front after the United States entered the war. Systematic mobilization
37. What was the newly created democratic government in Germany in 1919? Weimar
38. How did Germany try to cover the expenses of World War I? German finance policy the first
39. What was the name of the plan that was put into effect to help the German economy by
attracting loans and investments in the U.S.? Dawes Plan
40. Why did the Great Depression in the United States have an effect that was world-wide?
Global over-investment
41. What was the name of Franklin Roosevelts large public works projects that helped provide
jobs for the unemployed? The works progress administration
42. How did Hitler become the Fuhrer of Germany? Hitler declared himself president
43. What was the purpose of the Munich Conference? Allowed Germany to annex certain areas
44. What is the actual name for the Nazi party? German Nationalsozialistische
45. What happened to Hitler at the end of World War II? He committed sucide