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An issue the CDC is currently is COVID-19. The reason this virus is a huge concern is due how
dangerous the virus can be even fatal. The virus is also very fast spreading and can be
transmitted just by being near someone which makes it very hard to contain and control the
disease. This virus also hinders many businesses and other things that humans are accustomed to
which is why there’s a rush to get it contained. A main controversy of the virus is wearing a
mask, which can save lives and help slow the spread of the disease. In many places you’re
required to wear a mask, which is a controversial problem for many ignorant people. Many
people believe that wearing a mask is a violation of your rights and freedom which has led many
people to protest about it.
Centers under the program tab
Center for Healthy Communities
Center for Infectious Diseases
Center for Environmental Health
Center for Family Health
Center for Health Statistics and Informatics
Center for Health Care Quality
Two other Areas of focus
● Director / State Public Health Officer
● Other CDPH offices
Areas I’m interested in
● Center for Healthy Communities
● Center for Environmental Health
● Center for Health Care Quality
I am interested in…. Youth and Young Adults Health
Adolescence is a crucial time for maturing and experiencing the world but with this
experience is the experience of health measures to ensure longevity and a happy life. Popular
health topics include domestic violence, immunizations, teen dating violence, and sexual health.
These components are some of the most important components of adolescent health.
Contra Costa Health Services
This health department provides almost every area of health services from, infant health, drug
abuse, sexual health, to pediatrics.
An issue this health department is addressing is the issue of the homeless in care centers not
having a place to go after staying in these care centers. They’re providing resources to transition
from homelessness to having a place to stay by funding for case management, housing
navigation services, meals and a robust peer support program, among other services.
The World Bank
The world bank provides financial assistance in major areas of development as well as aid
countries with the challenges they face, and also educate people all around the world. Their main
goal is to solve the problems around the world that can be helped by financial assistance.