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Instructions: 1. Include only the work experiences relevant to the position being applied to.
2. The duration should include start and finish dates, if known, month in abbreviated form,
if known, and year in full. For the current position, use the word Present, e.g., 1998Present. Work experience should be listed from most recent first.
Duration: October 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020
Position: Contact Tracer
Name of Office/Unit: Department of the Interior and Local Government
Immediate Supervisor: Lolita S. Go
Name of Agency/Organization and Location: Department of the Interior and Local Government
- J.P Rosales Avenue, City Hall Underground, SP building, Brgy.Doongan, Butuan City. 8600
List of Accomplishments and Contributions (if any)
o Regional Orientation and Capacity Development for Contact Tracers.
o Continuous Development and Quality Improvement for Contract Tracers.
Summary of Actual Duties
o Conduct tracing of the possible Covid-19 patients to minimize the spread of
the virus.
o Produces basic needs in collaboration with the LGU’s.
o Monitors the health and safety of the Covid-19 patients.
o Conduct seminars and distribution of flyers for promoting safety protocols to
prevent the spread of the virus.
o Making reports of successfully monitoring and tracing of Covid-19 patients to
be submitted at DOH and DILG REGION.
o Indulging Advocacies in the Barangay with the cooperation of Brgy. Officials,
Nurse and BHW in promoting a good welfare in the community.
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Date: February 23, 2021