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The pursuit of happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness
This is the story of Chris Gardner’s life which is played by Will Smith. Willard Carroll
Smith Jr. is an American actor, producer and a rapper. He was born on September 25,
1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by his mother Caroline Bright. He was the eldest
brother among his (3) three siblings, Sheree, Zampino was his first wife and the mother
of his Eldest son Trey, Smith, and Jada Pinkette, Smith was his recent wife and the
mother of his another son and daughter Jaden Christopher Syre, Smith and Willow
Camille Reigh, Smith.
The pursuit of happyness is about the story of a father and a husband that was left
by his unhappy wife, therefore he will be able to take care of their only son. He was doing
all he can to find a job, but he have been prison overnight because of running out without
paying the taxi because he only have five dollar left in his wallet, but he was able to go
out of the Jail by paying and run out to be able to attend the job interview. During the
interview he tell the real story of why does not look so prepared for the interview, and be
very honest about himself even he just finished high school, and impressed the owners
of the company and they hire him, but he will have a job that has no salary and he even
agreed. While doing his everyday job he is still doing his father duties for his son. He was
doing his very best every day in his job. And there’s that tine comes that he had to pay a
tax and his money only left his account was 21 dollars, and he even could not get his
money that was borrowed by his friend which cost 14 dollars because he really need his
money that time. And he sell a product which he invested in that had been took by a man
with a mental problem and it have been took a while before he gets it back, then sell it to
the doctors but it doesn’t work. Even though his son saw every negative things that
happening he still take it positive and making his son feel comfortable. One night he spend
his time on fixing that item and go back to his job in the morning like nothing happened,
he finish his job quick so he could come into a church and worship with his son. He even
sell his blood to buy an equipment for that item to work again and the he fix it again at
night then works, the he had been totally sell it to a doctor.
For me its theme was “Never give up despite of all the failures you’ve encounter,
keep on trying to achieve your goals in life and failure are just the stepping stones of
success” Whatever the struggle or hardship you’re going through, you don’t never ever
give up and be patience enough. Always remember that we are just like star and sun it
shines when their time has come. Sometimes you maybe the smartest person in the room
but you may not have today’s basis tool to accomplish your goals. Just have a
perseverance I’ve been very aware of the fact that many of us owe just as much of our
success to luck as to hard work or skilled. And we should be thankful for what we do love.
I’ve always thought about all the Van Gogh’s, Mozart’s and Einstein who simply did not
get the break they needed. I wish that anything, everyone would get what they’ve earned
or what they deserve in life. This film is highly recommended by me because you will not
just realize that life is not easy but you will learned a lot of lessons to it. You will learn to
give importance of family, how to sacrifice, and to learn that being unemployed is hard
and hinder you for everything.