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iCargo(GSA) Quiz - Quy Trinh

Name: Trinh Van Quy
iCargo ID: SGNGSA5
1) Which screen allow you to find all bookable flights? (10%)
a) List Charges head
b) Search Flights
c) Maintain Rate Cards
Answer: b
2) In case of a spot rate apply, if the request spot rate button is grey not work, which screen allow you to
reopen it? (10%)
a) Capture AWB
b) List Charge Heads
c) Mark Flight Movements
Answer: a
3) If you want to check the IATA Rate card, which parameter is correct to filter it? (10%)
a) Airport
b) City
Answer: b
4) In what situation will cause the spot rate be approval directly by the requester? (10%)
a) Spot rate is higher than Market rate
b) Spot rate is less than Market rate
Answer: a
5) When you apply a spot rate in Spot Rate Request screen, the SCC column must keep it empty. (10%)
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: a
6) If the final Chargeable weight is not between the Minimum Chargeable Weight and Maximum Chargeable
weight column, the spot rate ID will be get de-attach. (10%)
a) Yes
b) No
Answer: b
7) Please find the AWB number 189-00355401 in Testing environment. What’s the Market rate for this
shipment? (10%)
a) 6.51
b) 65.1
c) 25.715
d) 257.15
Answer: c
8) Please find the AWB number 189-50013121 in Testing environment. Is this shipment exist Spot rate ID?
a) No
b) Yes, TPE141
c) Yes, SGN414
d) Yes, TPE414
Answer: d
9) Following the above question, What’s the all in Market charge for this shipment? (10%)
a) 105,000
b) 105,940
c) 3,750
d) 4,690
Answer: c
10) Which screen allow you to change the booking status from Queue to Confirm? (10%)
a) CAP147
b) TRF008
c) OPR026
Answer: c