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Giovanna Santoyo
Equilibrium Lab Report
Materials and Methods
The glassware used for this lab was a 250 milliliter beaker, a 50 milliliter graduated
cylinder, and a thermometer. The chemicals used were 1 M CoCl2 solution, 12 M HCl
solution,6 M AgNO 3 solution, and deionized water. The first part of the lab consisted of
adding 22 milliliters of CoCl2 into a 250 milliliter beaker, then 32 milliliters of water was
added into the beaker. Next 25 milliliters of HCl was transferred into a 50 milliliter
graduated cylinder and the 3.0 milliliters was emptied into the 250 beaker solution, color
changes were recorded along with equilibrium concentrations. The recordings occurred
for three trials. The second part consisted of the same procedures as part one, except no
HCl was added, instead AgNO3 was added in 1 milliliter increments, concentrations and
color changes were recorded.