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2.1 All about me
• I am a human
• I am a living thing
• I am alive
Same, similar and different
• Humans are the same in many ways.
• We have two legs, two arms, a head and a
• All humans do not look exactly the same.
• Sometimes we look similar.
• Humans do not like the same things.
• We are not all the same size. We are different
On the outside
• Some of our body parts are on the outside
 Elbow
 Head
 Shoulder
 Arm
 Hand
 Leg
 Foot
 Chest
 Wrist
 Ankle
 knee
2.2 My head and face
• Humans are the same in other ways
• We all have a head, eyes, ears, a nose and a
• But humans do not all look the same.
• Our head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth are
The five senses
• Humans have five senses
Sight (see)
Touch (feel)
Our eyes
• Eye brows: helps to keep sweat out of the eyes
• Eyelids: shut out light and so we can sleep, also stop things
from getting into the eyes
• Eyelashes: help to protect the eyes from dust and sand
• Pupil: lets light into the eyes, so that we can see
• Iris: lets light into the eyes
When you cannot see
• Some people need help to see things
• Some people cannot see at all
• Other people need to wear glasses to help them to
see more clearly
2.3 Looking closely
• Binoculars: help to see distant objects near
• Spectacles: helps in eye defects
• Hand lens: magnificent view of the objects
• Microscope: used in labs
• Telescope: used to see extra terrestrial objects
• We can feel things by using our hands and other
parts of our body.
• Our sense of touch means we can tell what the
texture of something like.
• Our sense of touch tells whether something is
rough, smooth, hot or cold.
Rough, smooth, bumpy, prickly, fluffy,
soft, lumpy, hard, jagged, cracked
2.4 Smell
• We use our nose to smell things
• Other animals also use their nose to smell
• The nose has two holes called nostrils
What can you smell
We like some smells
We do not like other smells
Our sense of smell helps us to keep safe
We cannot smell food that has gone bad
If we were to eat bad food, it would make us ill
Funny smells
• We like smells such as cakes baking.
• Stinky socks smell horrible
• The durian fruit smells horrible, but it tastes
2.5 Taste
• When we eat, we sense different tastes
• If we look at our tongue in a mirror, we will
see little bumps. These are taste buds
• Taste buds help us to taste foods that are
sweet, salty or sour.
• We use our nose to taste.
• Our sense of smell helps us to taste the thing
that we eat.
2.6 Hearing
• We hear with our ears
• The sounds we hear enter our ears.