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CULTURE IN A WESTERN SHORT STORY 7bb41672de60c7a73ea7e6f0fbefd266

• Read the short story and answer these questions
• Mention the settings in the story:
a. Place => Paris France, Ile Marante,
• b. Situation => Happy, Calm, shocked, sad, menegangkan. A war german, prussian, stereotypes. r
• c. Time => In the spring, about ten o'clock in the morning, => In the autumn, toward the close of day.
• Explain the two main characters’ physical appearance and characteristics
 Sauvage : a stout, jolly, little man, a draper in the Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, and also an ardent fisherman. ARDENT, LOYAL, HUMBLE, KIND.
 Morissot : his hands in his trousers pockets and stomach empty,. Taller than sauvage. LOYAL, HUMBLE, KIND
• How were they caught by the soldiers? When they are fishing, they suddenly trembled with alarm at the sound of footsteps behind them, and, turning round,
In the space of a few seconds they were seized, bound, thrown into a boat, and taken across to the Ile Marante.
• What did the Germany and Prussian ask them to do? Why? Telling the password. "But as you came here through the outposts you must have a password for
your return”. The germany and prussian need that password to enter untuk melewati garis pertahanan prancis.
• What were Germany and Prussian stereotypes? Why? cold-hearted, inhuman, dont have humanity felling, unfeeling automaton, feels no compassion for the
two men he has executed, and seems unable to empathise with them.
• What was French stereotypes? Why? Heroic, Brave, Loyal, patriotism, setia pada negara.
• What cultural things can you find from that story?
• Why do you think the title of the short story is “Two friends?” The Loyalty
• Can you think of the plot of the story in the real life?