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Dark and light imagery is surrounding the duality

Dark and light imagery is surrounding the duality : 2 characters “the girl” , and “American”.
anyone can walk through a bead door and manipulate the beads symbolizing the little amount of the
relationship that we know (assumed) “the American can manipulate the girl”
movement associated with time rushing falling, Spanish language used mixed in, the girl tends to go
along with what the American says kind of like adults in the real world listening to the government, the
girl seems to be more optimistic/ dreamy when the American/man thinks more like a realist. Water in a
alcoholic drink (dilution) compared to the situation they are currently in. she compares the taste to their
relationship you can see how she is trying to engage him in dialogue searching for reassurance. She
compares it to liquorish, salty, bad, nasty; she was waiting so long but, in the end, it was liquorish (a yes
or no candy) a yes or no feeling in the relationship, comparison with association to a mature think like a
alcoholic beverage to child like candy. “I wanted to try new drink” looking at new things and trying it so
anything 2 much get old quick, she keeps coming back to the mountains the elephants but this time she
agrees they really don’t look like elephants but at the same time she isn’t engaged in the conversation
as she isn’t looking at him but at the mountains. Her name “jig” compared to the jig is up, a jig was a
dance at the time so could be that too Associated to her directly a free happy person lacking reality.
When you think of white elephants it seems to be related to this situation they have. The girl once again
puts her hand through the 2 strings of the beads thinking of all that comes in 2. She cant speak Spanish
but the American can. They are talking about an abortion? (operation). (the trade could’ve possibly be
mentioning the baby) the white hills was actually mentioning the baby and the dark side and light was to
keep or not to keep the baby.