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Sophie's World: Quiz on Darwin

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Darwin Quiz
1. What was the name of Darwin’s major work that gave rise to the most heated debate
in England?
a. Humble Beginnings: The Rise of Man
b. Human Evolutionary Roots
c. The Variations of Embryos
d. The Origin of Species
e. There and Back Again: The Galapagos
2. How was Darwinism a challenge to creationism?
a. It directly challenged the idea that man was created in his present form, instead offering that man (and
the planet) changed gradually over time to our present form
b. It sought to challenge the notion that Jesus was the son of God since Jesus himself was a descendant of
primates as every other human is
c. It challenged the idea that religions that had creation myths like Buddhism could not be true since they
argued for a cyclical view of creation (starting, stopping, starting over) rather than a traditional timeline
d. It challenged the idea that Einstein put forth in that matter cannot be created nor destroyed and if the
argument is God created the earth and humans, then matter is created
3. What is the catastrophe theory regarding geological phenomenon?
a. Science had experience catastrophic ideas regarding biblical truths
b. Catastrophes left fossils of animals that did not make it onto Noah’s Ark
c. Earthquakes and floods ruin any scientific chance of validating Darwin
d. Geologic data has conflicting theories due to upheavals in the Earth’s crust
4. What did Darwin learn in the Galapagos Islands concerning finches?
a. Finches had five bones in each wing similar to humans/other mammals
b. Different finches had completely colored feathers to match their natural environment
c. Different finches had beaks that matched the food sources of their environment
d. Finches on the island had zero predators so they eventually lost talons on their “feet”
5. Thomas Malthus’s theory about the world’s population growth provided the mechanism Darwin was searching
for called “______________”.
a. Genealogical primature
b. Natural selection
c. Primacy determinism
d. Genetic assortment
6. What was the idea Alberto shared with Sophie at the conclusion of the chapter about the theory of how the
earliest life forms came to be on earth?
a. No oxygen in the atmosphere, cosmic radiation and a macromolecule in a hot little pool subdividing
b. He recounts the story of Noah’s Ark and divine intervention
c. He explains how a meteor containing amino acids crashed to earth
d. He did the tornado experiment with a bottle and filled it with earth and seeds
Extra Credit: Give the name of the vessel on which Darwin sailed.