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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper?
Are you wondering how to write an abstract for a research paper?
Wonder no more because you have come to the right page.
In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps of writing a good
research paper abstract.
So without further ado, let’s dive in.
What is an Abstract?
An abstract, as the name suggests is a summary of your research paper, usually
one paragraph or 150-250 words long.
A great abstract serves multiple purposes:
What Is the Purpose of an Abstract?
Typically, an abstract is written last and serves the following purposes:
 An abstract lets readers understand your paper or article so they can
decide whether to read further or stop right away.
 It also prepares readers for what to expect in the entire paper.
 An abstract also states the problem or key issue you intend to discuss in
the paper.
Your research paper abstract shouldn’t defend the paper or your position though
or propose what you intend to study or find out.
Keep the abstract as brief as possible and to the point.
If you aren’t sure you can get your abstract right, you can seek help with a
research paper from experts online.
You can think of the abstract as the sales copy of your research paper.
It plays a crucial role in explaining your study fast and briefly to researchers and
prompts them to continue reading.
So let’s see how to write an excellent abstract.
Understand the Type of Abstract You’re Required to Write
Even though all abstracts are written with the same crucial objective, there are
two basic types of abstracts namely descriptive and informative.
A descriptive abstract is usually 100-200 words long and demonstrates the type
of information contained in the paper, clarifies the purpose, and methods of the
paper without including the results and conclusion.
An informative abstract, on the other hand, is one paragraph or one page long
and summarizes the aspects of the study.
Informative abstracts are much more common and are widely used for
submission to conferences.
They are written for lengthier and more technical research whereas descriptive
abstracts are written for shorter papers and articles.
Understand the Abstract Guidelines
When writing an abstract, you’re going to need to follow the specific guidelines
and requirements provided.
This applies whether you’re writing a research paper for consideration at a
conference or class assignment.
When reading the guidelines, pay attention to the following:
 The maximum or minimum word count.
 The style and formatting required.
 The type of abstract you’re required to write.
 Any other content or organization rules required.
Understand Your Target Readers
As stated earlier, the main purpose of a research paper abstract is to introduce
your research paper and lead researchers to the entire paper.
So before you start writing the abstract find out whether other academics in your
field are your target readers, and whether your study will be useful to the general
Outline and Write Your Abstract
Remember that when writing an abstract, you only have a few words (around
150-250 words) to fully explain your paper and study.
You need to make use of that opportunity to cover all parts of your study.
For that reason, you need to avoid including ambiguous references or phrases
that can bring confusion or mislead your readers.
Explain terms instead of using acronyms or abbreviations and use references to
well-known authors.
Avoid including figures, long quotations, or tables in your abstract.