Uploaded by Tine Ortiz

Be you

“Be you. The world will adjust.” – Unknown
This quotation somewhat represents my mindset
nowadays. Long way before, I was someone who’s
always been afraid to show who I really am; not
because I’m a pretender but because I am afraid to be
judged. However, I have realized that I am not living
my life for them to be pleased, but I am living my life
for God, my family, and for my dreams.
I came from a very simple family. We are not wealthy
and we can’t afford expensive things, but I can say
that I am very lucky because I am still rich; rich of
values, care and love provided by my family
especially my parents whom I treasure the most. I am
who I am today because I was raised and molded by
my parents well.
There may be times when I really wanted to give up
because I really feel so tired, well solely because my
chosen course is not easy. However, whenever I think
about my nanay and tatay and how they make many
sacrifices, I’m motivated again not to give up because
I have found the reason for me to fight until the end.
-Christine Ortiz