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Chapter 6 Section 2 Quiz

Chapter 6 Section 2 Quiz
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Matching Match each item with the correct definition.
a. informal economy
k. globalization
a. profession
k. labor force
b. unemployment
c. outsourcing
m. unemployment rate
d. unemployment
n. work
e. gerontology
o. life structure
life structure
1. all individuals age 16 and older who are employed in paid positions or who are seeking paid employment
2. performance of all tasks necessary to produce goods and provide services that meet human needs
3. percentage of the civilian labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment
4. practice that involves moving business units and jobs across national boundaries
5. situation that occurs when a person does not have a job but is actively seeking employment
6. high-status occupation that requires specialized skills obtained through formal education
7. unofficial economic activities that take place without government approval and outside of mainstream business
8. the development of economic, political, and social relationships that stretch worldwide