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Abuses of Life Processes

Abuses of Life Processes
Useful Drugs
1. Antibiotics are useful drugs that are used to fight diseases caused by harmful bacteria. They have
no effects against diseases caused by virus. One common antibiotic is penicillin.
It is important a person finishes his prescription of antibiotics even if he feels better. If the
bacteria are not completely killed, the person may fall sick again and the bacteria may become
resistant to the antibiotic – the antibiotic is no longer effective against the bacteria.
2. Antacids are drugs used to cure indigestion. An antacid neutralises the excess acid in the
3. Painkillers, such as paracetamol and aspirin, relieve pain.
4. Useful drugs can be harmful or even fatal if they are used in the wrong way. Always follow the
doctor’s instructions and read the directions on the label before taking any drugs.
Harmful Drugs
1. There are drugs that have harmful effects on the body when they are taken. There are strict laws
against the abuse of these drugs.
Examples: Morphine, Heroin, Cannabis, Sports Dug, etc.
2. Alcohol is also a drug that affects the body processes. It can be found in drinks such as beer, wine
and brandy.
3. Effects of abusive consumption of alcohol on the body.
Immediate Effects:
- Difficulty in balancing, walking and speaking
- Slow down the body’s responses that may results in accidents
 Long term effects:
- Damage to the liver and the heart
- Stomach ulcers, pain and sickness
- Death
4. Tobacco smoke contains poisonous substances such as tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide.
5. Tar damages the lungs; Nicotine is addictive and can lead to heart disease; and Carbon monoxide
reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen.
6. People who do not smoke but breathe in cigarette smoke are called passive smokers. They are
likely to suffer from sore eyes, bad cough, headaches and even lung cancer.