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Gender and Society
Introduction to Gender and Society
1. Communication Essentials (p.1)
Communication- Transfer of information from one person to another. The
information must be understandable to the receiver
2. Practical Uses of Language (p.3)
Language- we use verbal language to express our feelings and thoughts
2.1. Language express our identity
2.2. Language express our credibility
2.3. Language is a means of control
2.4. Language is performative
2.5. Language is fun
2.6. Language is dynamic
2.7. Language can bring us together
2.8. Language can separate us
Six types of verbal tactics that lead to feelings of separation or defensiveness
3. Models of communication (p.8)
3.1. Shannon weaver model
3.2. The interactive model of communication
3.3. Transaction Model
3.4. Lasswell’s Model
4. Ethical Communication (p.13)
4.1. Unethical communication
4.2. Ten Basics of ethical Communication
5. Familiarizing with British and American English vocabularies and
expression (p.14)
5.1. Differences between American English and British English
5.2. On prepositions
5.3. When to use written and verbal communication
Unit 2 Communication in Multi-Cultural Context and multifunctional
1. Cross Cultural Communication Essentials (p.35)
1.1. Five Sources of cultural differences
1.2. Codes in communication
1.3. What is cross-cultural communication?
1.4. Barriers of Cultural Communication
1.5. Skills to overcome differences: Understanding body languages
1.6. Things to remember while interacting and connecting with people
1.7. Topics to avoid *general topics: Politics, religion and sex
1.8. How to improve intercultural communication and skills
1.9. Cross-Cultural Communication Precautions
Ethnocentric Stages
Gender Stereotypes
Men are more occupied than women in business world because of gender
Men linked belief and assumptions of leadership
When a girl is born, everybody dictates what a girl should be and should act.
Men should not cry and show affections, everybody dictates what a man should
Men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women
Week 5: Culture and rationalities
Week 6: Sexism in Language