Tragic Hero Research Essay

The Crucible Essay
Tragedy is a literary term describing a play, novel, or other narrative that depicts serious and
important events in which the main character comes to an unhappy end. Certainly, John Proctor
in The Crucible dies tragically, but does the play's resolution make him a tragic hero?
In a tragedy, the main character/tragic figure is usually dignified, courageous, and often high
ranking in society. The character, however, experiences a downfall caused either (1) by his/her
own tragic flaw, which is an error in judgment or character weakness, OR (2) by
forces/circumstances beyond his/her control. The tragic hero/heroine usually wins some selfknowledge or wisdom, even though he/she suffers defeat, possibly even death.
You will complete the Traits of a Tragic Hero chart using evidence from all four acts of The
*In a well-developed and supported essay, decide whether John Proctor is indeed a tragic hero.
Consider the characteristics of tragedy and the tragic hero. You must include information that
you gathered from your research to describe what a tragic hero is. You should also use proof—
examples, quotes—directly from Author Miller's play to support your arguments about Proctor.