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Research Topic Inquiry Assignment Example-3

Research Topic Inquiry Assignment
In completing the Research Study Assignment, you will select 3 research study articles on the approved topic you
selected in Module 0. Articles must reflect actual research in which a study/experiment was conducted. You will
read the article in its entirety, extracting information needed for completing the Research Topic Inquiry
To begin this assignment…
1. Select the desired article. Remember you must select an article in which an actual study has been conducted
on the prior approved topic.
2. Reading every article that you select is very time consuming. To save time I suggest that you select an article
and read the article’s abstract first, after which, determine if the article meets the requirements for the Research
Topic Inquiry Assignment. If it does not, you must select another article.
3. Highlighted information below corresponds with information requested in the Research Topic Inquiry
Assignment. See the sample below, which is color coded to match information which should be recorded in the
Research Topic Inquiry Assignment template. (Please Note…If the required information is not found in the
abstract, you probably did not select a scientific research article and will need to select another article.)
4. If the information in the abstract meets the criteria for this assignment, begin reading the article’s content and
search for information needed within the body which will be used in the completion of the Research Topic Inquiry
5. Complete the Research Topic Inquiry Assignment.
6. For the Implications for Practice section, you will explain how research findings will be utilized to impact your
7. For the Implications for Fayetteville State University section, you will suggest the necessary modifications for
the College of Education as it relates to the findings gleaned from the research study.
Be sure to complete the assignment by stating information in your own words. Also, reporting information from
the abstract only, for each category, will result in students earning a minimal score for this assignment. See rubric
for scoring information.
Sample Abstract-Use as a guide in completing this assignment.
ABSTRACT: Every era comes with its unique requirements and expectations in every domain of life, and education
is no exception. However, there are some ‘timeless’ educational moves which can be always fashionable in such
as brain-based learning where involvement of both hemispheres is encouraged in line with learners’ needs and
interests. If educators are to deliver instruction in line with the needs of brain, they should take the necessary
education before stepping into their real classes, which puts the emphasis on pre-service teacher education. Thus,
this study aims to find out the perceptions and practices of faculty members in English Language Teaching (ELT)
Program at a state university in Turkey about brain-based learning. This study is based on mixed methods
approach including both quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (interview) data collection and analysis
procedures. The participants were first administered the Brain-Based Learning Survey Questionnaire developed by
Shelly R. Klinek (2009) in English and then they were asked to complete written interview forms to get deeper
understanding about their teaching practices. SPSS 16 and Excel programs were utilized for numerical data
analysis while content analysis was applied to interpret and categorize written comments of the participants. The
findings provide crucial insights about how to implement brain-based learning methods for the benefits of student
teachers in ELT programs and thus create a learning culture among student teachers who then might implement
such procedures in their future classes.
Research Topic Inquiry Assignment Example
Name: ___________________________________________________
Date: _______________________
Research Article Title: Brain-based learning practices of teacher educators in an English language teaching program
CM 1 - Scientific Research Article Reference (APA): ATMACA, Ç. (2016). Brain-based learning practices of teacher
educators in an English language teaching programme. Electronic Turkish Studies, 11(9), 101. doi:10.7827/TurkishStudies.9084
CM 2 - Scientific Research Article Reference (APA):
CM 3 - Scientific Research Article Reference (APA):
Article Overview [75-100 words] Provide an overview, in your own words, of the purpose of the study. This
information is typically found in the article’s abstract and/or introduction. Points will not be assessed for information
which is copied from the article. Use the sentence starter stem below.
This research study was conducted to…
Research Question(s)/Focus– [List the research questions that were generated for the study. Do not create your own
research questions. Provide the page number, within the article, where the research question is found.]
Participant Information [Summarize demographic information (ages, grade, where study was conducted, etc.) of
study participants.]
Methodology [Explain the research methodology including the design, sampling, data collection, the data analysis.]
Study Results/Discussions (Summarize the findings of the research study. The findings must relate to the research
question and/or purpose for the study.) [75-100 words]
Implications for Practice [Explain how the research findings of the study will positively impact you as a future
teacher. Responses should be thoughtful to receive full credit. No credit will be given for marginal and/or superficial
responses. 75-100 words]
Implications for Fayetteville State University- What modifications would you suggest for the College of Education as
it relates to the findings gleaned from the research study? [75-100 words]