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Ready to Start an Exchange like ApeSwap?

The ApeSwap DeFi protocol running on
BSC Binance Smart Chain has shown an
exponential user activity and transactional
volumes within the four days of its official
The platform ApeSwap, built by DeFi Apes,
for DeFi Apes made a earmark growth with
its native currency $BANANA. The users of
the platform can stake, pool, and earn
$BANANA on Apeswap easily.
Way to Launch ApeSwap Clone
With Pulsehyip, the leading DeFi Exchange development company one can
build an exchange similar to ApeSwap If you are an entrepreneur wanting to
start an DeFi DEX, then you are at the right place and at a right time. You
can easily avail ApeSwap Clone script to launch and deploy a platform like
Our White labeled ApeSwap Clone script will consist all the features similar
to the existing platform. So now lets get into the details and functionalities
of ApeSwap platform to understand the features of the ApeSwap clone
What is ApeSwap?
The ApeSwap project that went live on February 2021 has since gathered over
$33 million in transaction volume with a daily average of over 2,500 new users.
There is no question of Binance Smart Chain being the place to be in DeFi
currently. You can witness a sheer number of Automated Market Makers getting
launched every single day to see the growth of BSC space.
This also means unfortunately, that there may be no shortage of scams, rugpulls and even honest projects that just fail to compete. Creating a project and
making it successful is something that requires a whole lot of experience and
Features of ApeSwap Platform
The platform ApeSwap banks on the fact that the market is moving towards the
AMM’s and liquidity provision. These kind of protocols are well known as yield
farming. ApeSwap tries to deliver innovative services through its coupling of
traditional liquidity incentives with stake and earn program. The
$BANANA is used to yield incentives alongwith its growth of ApeSwap’s success
within the BSC network. The AprSwap protocol provides Yield Farming with a
Total Value Stock (TVL) of $35 million and annual percentage of 1000% in the
Why choose ApeSwap Clone
The ApeSwap Clone Script is the best choice when developing a
ApeSwap. Why so? This will help you to readily launch a platform like
the ApeSwap clone script will hold all the features and functionalities
With our white labeled ApeSwap Clone script you can easily customize
based on your requirements.
Platform like
ApeSwap, as
of ApeSwap.
the platform
We, Pulsehyip the leading DeFi Exchange development company can assist you in
launching a platform like ApeSwap sooner with the help of ApeSwap clone script.
Our adroit experts can guide you from the start and help you lead successful DeFi
based DEX platform.
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