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Good Night Gorilla - ESL Activities

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Good Night, Gorilla: Pre-reading Questions
1. Look at the cover of the book. What do you see in the picture? List what you
2. Write five sentences about what you see. Use the sentence frames in the box.
Level 1: I see a/an ___(noun)__.
Level 2: I see a/an ____(adjective)___ __(noun)___.
1) ___________________________________________________________________
2) ____________________________________________________________________
3) ____________________________________________________________________
4) ____________________________________________________________________
5) ____________________________________________________________________
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Good Night, Gorilla: Reading Questions
Oral Practice:
Student A: Open the book to the two pages of your choice. Explain what is
happening in the picture to your partner.
Student B: Listen to your partner describe two pages in the book. Ask your
partner five questions about those pages. You can use the sentence
frames in the box to help you.
What is the ____________ doing?
Why is the _______________?
Where is the _______________?
How does the _______________?
Written Practice: Write answers these questions.
1. What animals are in this story?
2. Who is the man with the flashlight?
3. What time of day is it, daytime, or nighttime?
4. How does the gorilla know which keys to use?
5. What items are inside the animals’ cages?
6. Where are the animals going as they get out of their cages?
7. What do you think is happening in the zookeeper’s family photos?
8. Why are two pages all black with surprised eyes?
9. Who takes the animals back to the zoo?
10. What happens next?
11. Who do you think ate the banana, the gorilla, or the mouse?
12. What happens to the mouse and the banana during the story?
13. Can you find the pink balloon?
Written Questions from: http://www.first-school.ws/activities/books/animals/wild/gngorilla.htm and