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Islamiyat 2058
Articles of Faith
 The word faith is synonym of the Arabic word ‘’Iman’’.
What is Faith?
 To have strong belief or trust in someone or something is
known as Faith.
 The fundamental beliefs,which serve as the foundation
of a religion are called its doctrine or articles of faith.
 All the messengers of Allah tried their best to transfer
these beliefs to their followers.
 The Holy Prophet (pbuh) too began propagating his
message by focusing attentions on these beliefs.
Articles of Faith
 The fundamental beliefs are articles of faith are;
1. Unity or oneness of Allah
2. Angels
3. Revealed books
4. Prophets
5. Life after death
6. Pre-destination and decree
Emaan e
 Tauheed or the belief in the Oneness of Allah is the first and
the main principle of Islam.
 It means that Allah is the Only Creator and Sustainer of the
 He is Ever-Living without a beginning or an end (the first and
the last).
 He is Independent while others are dependent on Him for their
existence and survival.
 He is the source and support of all life.
 He is the only one worthy of worship. Allah is Omnipotent
(having unlimited authority or power).
 He knows everything; the hidden and the manifest (obvious,
 He is not bound by space and time; He is everywhere and has
knowledge of the past, present and future.
 Tauhid is the belief in Allah with all His powers, He is
All-knowing,All-wise and All- powerful.
 Allah is not bound by any of the human limitations.He
has no body,nor form, no physical attributes ,Nor
 Allah is beyond the mind or senses Of human can
grasp or imagine.
 The flawless system of whole universe clearly indicates
the sole authority of Allah SWT.
 Tauhid actually shape a Muslim’s life and regulate it.
 A believer is aware that Allah SWT knows and sees
everything, which restrained from committing sins.
 A true believer Only obeys Allah and never give his
devotion to anyone except Allah SWT.
 He rejected all false gods and submit himself only to
Allah SWT.
 Associating partners with Allah SWT is shirk.
 Worship of idols, offer prayer or supplications to
anyone dead or alive, believing that they hold the same
attributes in a lesser degree than Allah is shirk.
 It is an unpardonable sin.
 Write a detailed account on oneness of Allah