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End of the Line Grocery Assignment

End of the Line
Fish to Fork: Survey of Local Grocery Stores
Travel to a local grocery store (Central Market, Whole Foods or Asian markets will have the largest
Record all Fish and Shellfish in the seafood department and the prices for each (dollars/pound)
(minimum 15)
Consult fish2fork.com (http://fish2fork.com/en_GB/get-involved/fish-facts) and record which of the fish
at the grocer are on the “avoid” list and which are on the “eat” list
Search the internet for the remaining fish and shellfish not found on this site and provide evidence for
whether or not these remaining organisms should be on your “avoid/eat” list (due to health concerns,
overfishing, etc).
Turn in a survey/report of the grocery store that includes a table with
A species list in the first column
Cost in the second
Eat/avoid in the third
Evidence for your choice in the 4th
Answer the following questions to be included along with your table:
A) Considering the cost, which fish are the…
…a: best value to your wallet? Why?
…b: best value ecologically? Why?
…c: is the best all-around seafood for human consumption? Why?
B) Compare your data with other groups. Which Grocer is the least environmentally conscious in
terms of seafood resources? Explain why.