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Quadruped robot assembly guide

Quadruped assembly guide
What You will need
Included in KIT:
- Acrylic parts
- M3x20 screws and nuts
Not included in KIT (You will have to find and buy these things by yourelf):
- 12pcs 9g microservos. In the example down below we are using SG90 model
- Electronics. In the example down below we are using Arduino UNO with servo shield
- Nuts M3x15 or longer with M3 (5-10mm) screws
Usually there is no problems during assembly and all fit well but MicroServos size and
complectation are not well standardized. Even one model like SG90 can be supplied
with different screws (I have met screws with diameter from 1.7mm to 2.35mm). So
make sure that a difference between a hole diameter and a screw diameter is less
than 0.3mm. If a screw is larger than a hole for more than 0.3mm feel free to little
expand a hole to this difference. In other case You are at risk of breaking a part.
If a screw is smaller than a hole or it is holding not good enough, just use a piece of
toothpick/match or a thin isolated wire as a dowel. It gives solid results.
Step 1
Take a frame and attach M3 long nuts to an Arduino mount. Make sure to choose the
right side of the frame.
Step 2
Attach 4 servos to the frame like it is shown at photos below. Please, read the
disclaimer at the start of this manual to prevent the breaking of mount holes.
Step 3
Assembly the leg like it is shown at photos below. They are mirrored so be attentive.
Step 4
Connect all legs to the frame
Step 4
Mount the Arduino board to the frame and then connect the servo shield to it. After
that connect servo weirs to the servoshield