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Next Semester Plan -1 (2)

Academic Coursework: Plans for Next Semester
This section will help you think through your academic plan at ECU. Use the fouryear plan to help you plan for next semester. If you are still deciding between two
majors to pursue, please create plans for both majors. If you have decided which
route you would like to go, you will only need to create on plan for that major.
1. Map out your next semester’s registration plan for the courses you should select
based on the major(s) you are interested in pursuing.
a. What are the most important courses you need to sign up for?
KINE 1000 I 1 credit )
* Rag 2601 I 3 credits I
14 credits)
* KINE 2000 1 3 credits )
* KINE 285011 credit I
* BIOL 2130
* MATH 1065
I 3 credits )
b. Develop a list of classes as your back-up plan too. A lot of times, classes
get full before you get to register.
BITE 2112 I 3 credits )
* KINE 2050 I 3 credits )
c. Save this plan as you will need to turn it in.
2. Project into the future what your educational goals will be. Is this major a
stepping-stone to a graduate school program or will it require other areas of
advanced study? Will you need to get additional certifications? How will you
enter the field or profession?
get this degree I could go into graduate
school go
directly into the workforce or
specifically for me I could get my personal
after I
trainer certification